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Friday, December 28, 2012

Knit Something of the Month 2012 - Final Edition

I have completed my last Knit Something of the Month project for 2012.  I was originally working on the Fallberry mitts, but I wasn't loving the yarn with the pattern (more of a berries aren't this color of blue kind of thing than any fiber/knit stitch issues).  Then one day, I was wandering around Ravelry, and I came across the Oak Grove mitts and I knew they were perfect.  I cast on on December 23 and finished weaving in the ends on December 26.  I love the little oak leaves (which show up better in real life than in this photo - check out the pattern link to see better oak leaves), and I have no idea why berries aren't blue but oak leaves are.  They just are.

These complete 2012's Knit Something of the Month.  I technically did eleven projects because I shelved August since I was doing Something That I Can't Remember But Used to Be Ravelympics and the last project of Camp Loopy at the time.  Next year (can you believe it starts next week?) I will be knitting sweaters.  I've planned for two months for each sweater, but I'm going to allow myself to start earlier if I want to.  In other words, the first sweater will be started on January 1 and will be finished by February 28.  If I get it finished before February 28, I can either start the second sweater right then, or wait until March 1.  I actually matched yarn and patterns for seven sweaters this year, so if I knit faster than my original plan, I can knit more than six sweaters.  The past two years of Knit Something of the Month, I haven't allowed myself to cast on early, so this will be a little change.  Make sense?

Now I'm off to finish the Retreating Sweater before the end of the year.  Hopefully!

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