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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Endpaper Mitts

I washed the cardi yesterday and Max helped me spread it out to dry.  The yarn fluffed up beautifully and I can't wait to show it to you once I get it finished.

I pulled out the second poor, neglected Endpaper Mitt last night to get some work done on that, and I've actually made it past the place where it wants to curl over itself, so you can see the colorwork.  These are an easy project and do go pretty fast when I actually sit down to knit them, but I've been working on other things for a bit, so they got shoved to a back burner.

I think I've got too many things on the needles right now, so once I get these done, I will probably not cast on anything new.  Right now, in the unfinished projects pile (that I will admit to), I have the Woodstove Season Cardigan (almost finished, but not quite), Endpaper Mitts, Fiori di Sole (the coral colored shawl), Hexipuffs (this is an ongoing project and doesn't really give me any guilt), The Babette (this is taking up space on the sewing room floor and really needs to be sewn up), a pattern I'm doing on commission for a yarn/pattern club (this will be out the door next week, but won't be available to the public until December), a pattern I designed a while back but haven't gotten knitted and all written up, and that Bohus sweater I started in Virginia (I need to double check how things are fitting and switch to my Heavy Metals and get them off the Knit Picks needles).  Also, March starts Friday so I will need to start my second Sweater of 2013 project.  I've already got this one in KnitCompanion, and I took the time to really read through it to make sure I didn't want to make any changes ahead of time (I should have done this with the Woodstove Season sweater so I wouldn't be agonizing over the button band issue).



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