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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Not Much to See Here

I didn't get any knitting done over the weekend.  Not a stitch.  It was a truly lazy weekend.  Weekends like that are nice periodically, but it means there's nothing to show on the blog either.  These hexipuffs? I made them last week.  It's the only knitting I have around here that I can show you, that you haven't seen before (although we all know you've seen hexipuffs, just not these hexipuffs).  Max tried to steal one as I was finishing their photo, when I turned to set down my phone.  Fortunately, I can count to four in an uncaffeinated state, so I rescued the one he'd puff-napped.

Hopefully today I'll get some knitting done (along with the giant pile of laundry), but it might just be a sleeve.  Yes, I'm still working on my cardi.



Blogger Lorinda said...

What do you do with Hexipuffs?

1:09 AM  

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