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Monday, February 04, 2013

Getting There

The body is all done!  The body is all done!  I've woven in the ends too, just to get those under control. Now it's on to the sleeves!  I feel like I'm actually getting somewhere with this now.

I also got what might be a really good design idea over the weekend.  I sketched it out, but it's going to involve swatching and charting before it's really going to go anywhere.  I am wanting to do more designing this year than I have been doing.  There are ideas stirring around in my head, now if I can just make them happen!

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Blogger Jamie Wolfer Saphow said...

Hi, long time lurker here....but, anyway. I've been watching this sweater grow and I'm really in love with how yours is coming along. I think you've inspired me to try this for myself. So thank you and KNIT ON!


2:40 PM  

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