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Friday, February 01, 2013

Winter Trees

I've been moving right along on my cardigan!  I'm almost done with the body at this point, which makes me think I'm on the home stretch of this cardigan (even though I'll have to knit two sleeves when I do finish the body).  I'm really looking forward to getting this finished, not only because I want to wear it, but because I want to wash it and make the yarn bloom.  This yarn was frogged from another sweater ages ago and instead of skeining it up and washing it then, I just wound it into balls.  The kinks from the previous knitting have disappeared but the yarn is still compressed a bit.  I know once it hits the water, the yarn will relax and bloom into the stitches and sit properly and I really want to see it do that.  I'm planning on washing it after I finish the sleeves but before I sew on the pockets (I'll wash the pockets at the same time I wash the sweater).  Then, when it's all otherwise done, I'll figure out how to add the buttons.  I'm thinking of something like this but with the buttons instead of toggles.
Here's a shot of the chevrons on the back - the pockets will get them too!  Have a great weekend!

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Blogger Carie said...

It's really pretty no wonder you can't wait to wear it.

11:52 AM  

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