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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Camp Loopy Project 2

All finished and blocked!  The pattern is Henslowe and the yarn is Madelinetosh Pashmina in Cousteau.  I used 668 yards of yarn and as you can see, it's a nice, big size.  I did a double yarn over to keep the edge from getting tight in the garter section (there are lots of projects that mention this).  I also changed to a larger needle for the Roman Stripe section (lace).  The only other change was working six repeats of the Roman Stripe instead of four since I was trying to use up as much of my yarn as possible.  All of these notes are on my project page in Ravelry also.
I named the project A Red Cap and A Speedo because of the colorway - Cousteau.  Everytime I think of Cousteau (with apologies to Cousteau), I think of Steve Zissou and The Life Aquatic, which of course reminds me of a red cap and Speedo.  Just one of those crazy PinkLemon brain things I guess.  Probably shouldn't have shared that, but it's on the Rav project page too and I'm sure you guys have figured out that I'm crazy by now!
Logan didn't get to model it this morning because today was a running day and wrapping a shawl around a dog who's trying to cool down after a run just doesn't seem right.  He followed me around and stayed right with me for the photo shoot, just in case I needed his assistance, but he didn't seem too broken up at not getting to wear it.

I loved knitting this.  It was a good combination of brainless knitting as well as knitting that you need to pay some attention to.  The pattern is written out - no charts, but the lace section is super easy and it's probably easier to knit it from the written out version than charts in this case anyway.  It made for a nice size shawl in the end!

Next week - on to Project 3!

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Anonymous Amy said...

Gorgeous color! Very pretty shawl.

11:23 AM  
Blogger Beverly said...

It's beautiful! I love the color, Cousteau, and I can only imagine how luxurious it feels, being Pashmina and all. I'm finished with the knitting of my CLP2. I just need to sew on buttons (I have to buy em first) and hook and eye fasteners!
What are you planning for project 3?

8:05 PM  

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