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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Another Bracelet

After finishing my Camp Loopy projects for the Summer, I wanted to do a few small things.  I love big projects, but it's nice to have some smaller, quick ones in between them so I feel like I'm getting something done.  Instant gratification is nice sometimes.

This is another Bestie bracelet, again using Pearl Cotton.  I blogged about my first one here.  This was also the post where I told you about the RoadID bracelet, so if you forgot about it or put it off, there's the info again.  Caleb has gotten to where he puts his on every time he puts on his watch (anytime he leaves the house).  I also wear mine when I leave the house and of course we both wear them when we run.  Logan wears his when we run too, but he doesn't know it since it's on his collar.

I did find Logan a reflective harness yesterday so he'll get to wear that on tomorrow morning's run.  It has a leash clip, but he's never walked or run with a harness, so I'll probably just put his regular collar on for the leash - it rides higher on his neck than the harness so they shouldn't get tangled up.  Today Logan can practice wearing the harness and I'll make sure it's adjusted right for him.  Max can spend the day naked and mock Logan for his accessories.  Should be fun for everyone!

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Anonymous Joyce said...

Logan should gloat over his accessories whenever Max mocks him!

10:24 AM  
Blogger Teresa C said...

I use a reflective leash also. I actually had a driver stop and tell me that it is very reflective. Since traffic is normally behind me, the headlights have a better chance of bouncing of the leash than hitting the harness/collar of a fluffy dog.
Sweatybands has a reflective headband that I use, in addition to belt loops that reflect. I figure the more chances I give a car to see me, the better.

9:00 PM  

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