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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

All The Colors!

I did some striping over the weekend!  I've now used all eleven colors at least once (Earth has been used twice - the ribbing and a stripe).  The very first small stripe above the ribbing is Berry, and up at the top, on the needles is part of the first Berry wide stripe.  The colors stay in the order above for the rest of the body, but since there are an odd number of colors, if they were wide the first time around, they'll be narrow the next time.  It's kind of neat the way that works out.  Or at least it is to me, but I'm easily amused and uncaffeinated.  Just work with me here.

There was a question in the comments over the weekend about how I was going to deal with the ends since lots of colors mean lots of ends.  The pattern makes a reference to this blog post by the designer where she explains how to weave in ends and correct for the jog at the same time.  I used this technique on my last sweater and it works great.  The only thing different I do is that I don't use a slip knot as a temporary join between the old color and the new color.  I just let the ends hang.  When I go back to weave the ends in, I have to double check the tension anyway, so I just take care of any looseness then.  I haven't woven in any of the ends on this sweater yet, but I'm going to be working on them soon.  Next time I blog this sweater, I'll get a shot of the inside with some ends woven in.



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