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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

A Plan

The Opening Ceremonies for the Winter Olympics are on Friday.  They kick off Friday night in Sochi, Russia, but that’s 10:00 AM here in North Texas.  That means I can cast on for my Ravellenic Games Project at 10:00 AM.  It is definitely high time I picked a project!

I think I’ve participated in every Olympic related knitting event since the Yarn Harlot first came up with the idea.  I love the Olympics and since I’ll be watching (and knitting) anyway, it just makes sense.  This will be the first Olympics since we started homeschooling Caleb, so obviously there are some things I need to take into account when I plan a project.  I’ve been going back and forth over the last month, thinking about what I want to do and trying to pick a project.  I even briefly considered not challenging myself and just knitting whatever I have on the needles.  (Thankfully, I came to my senses quickly on that one and had another cup of tea.  Then I felt better.)  The sensible thing to do would be to finish The Babette.  I don’t want to do sensible right now.  I want to make something new!

I wandered around through my favorites in Ravelry.  I searched my library in Rav (this is why it’s really nice to have all your books and magazines and patterns in your library - searches are so much easier).  I looked at my stash and now, I have a plan!

I will begin with a Hemlock Ring Blanket for our family room.  This will qualify for the Giant Slalom-Ghan and Lace Luge events.  A blanket sounds big and scary, but it’s only 900 yards and it’s knit on big needles.  I feel confident that I can finish it.  If I do finish it, I plan to do a Sweetheart Bag as a second project.  This will qualify for the Bag Jump, Nordic Colorwork Combined, Lace Luge, and possibly the Stash Skeleton events, depending on which yarn I use.  If by some miracle, I complete both of these with time to spare, I will either knit a pair of socks (if I have four days left) or a pair of mitts (if I have two days left).  I’ll show you yarn for everything when I start it - I figure you’ll see it enough over the next few weeks, there’s no sense in boring you with it early.

I’ll be spending the next couple of days finishing my current pair of socks, winding yarn and getting patterns into Knit Companion so I can get started Friday morning.

I just re read today’s entry, in an attempt to proofread it, and I realized that if there are any non-knitters reading this who weren’t entirely convinced that knitters are crazy, this post would have pushed them right over the edge.  Yep, crazy!



Anonymous Amy said...

Oh! That sweetheart bag is really cute.

Good luck on your projects/entries - I'm still trying to make a decision for what I want to do (something new or WIP's).

I've been involved in the Olympic knitting events since the Harlot started it as well, and have to say that I liked her original premise of setting a goal and you either make it or you don't (meaning a Gold medal or nothing), rather than all the events, etc. of the Ravelry versions. Do you like Ravelry events/badges/etc. better?

4:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you had to do this, right?? Right after I joined the Cardigan Girls team and decided to complete WIPs for my challenge -- you have to get me itching to start something new!!

Good news, I can bind off 1 WIP during the Opening Ceremonies, and won't get the last clue of another one until Saturday --- so, Friday night I just might cast on for one of those blankets for my new sofa.


5:01 PM  

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