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Monday, February 10, 2014

The Blanket!

I’ve gotten a good start on my Hemlock Ring Blanket.  I’ve finished the first ball of yarn and have started the second ball of yarn.  That means I’m past the halfway point!  You can see the center “flower” and part of the feather and fan pattern.  It’s big enough that it’s too big to photograph easily now - it’s at the giant jellyfish stage.  My knitting time will be cut way down during the week as Caleb and I work on homeschool things, but I’m happy with the big start I got over the weekend.  (Ravelry project page link.)

I think Max has already figured out that I’m knitting a blanket because he keeps wiggling under it.  He’s at least figured out that whatever I think I’m knitting works as a blanket for him!

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