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Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Hood and A Cat

I’ve gotten a lot more done on the hood of my Storyteller Hoodie for Camp Loopy.  I’ve only got a couple of inches left before I’ve finished the hood, so hopefully I will get it finished tonight.  I’m thinking that I will do the front band (that goes all the way up the front, around the hood, down the other front and around the hem) before I do the sleeves, so I know how much yarn I have left.  I’m thinking of making the sleeves a little bit longer than the pattern calls for, but that’s going to depend on my yarn.  Oh, and just to note, this picture is the most accurate color wise of any I’ve gotten so far.  I don’t usually have this much trouble photographing greens, but this one is giving the camera fits.

If you’re doing Camp Loopy, the Project 3 requirements are up now!
Max was extra cooperative yesterday and I was able to get several pictures of him.  We used a balloon in science and Max found it at lunch.  There was much slapping of the balloon, but Max is really good about not using claws, so the balloon didn’t get popped.
At the end of the day, he was pretty tired.  He was having trouble sitting upright while I was fixing dinner, and he just flopped down on a chair.  Birthdays are exhausting!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Max!!

Where did your Mom get Loopy??


12:00 AM  

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