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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I’ve Turned A Corner!

See that tiny little corner there?  That’s the start of ball number nine!  I’ve started decreasing to the final corner.  Will I finish it in time for the movie Friday?  I honestly don’t know.  I’d really like to get it washed* before I wear it, which means I need to finish knitting it today.  I also have ends to weave in before I can wash it.  On the other hand, it’s raining out, so there’s no running today, so maybe I can just curl up and knit.  At this point, I’m just kind of excited to have turned the third corner.

*Noro Silk Garden Lite is one of the strangest yarn I’ve ever worked with.  For such high silk content, it’s pretty scratchy.  Part of that the is VM and straw (which I’ve picked out as much as possible), but the yarn in general is just crunchy and rustic.  On the other hand, once it’s washed (according to reviews on Ravelry), it’s supposed to soften up and become this wondrous and amazing thing.  I’m really, really curious about this.



Blogger Dana Strotheide said...

I don't remember exactly what Noro I made a scarf out of, but it was pre-ravelry, so I was super concerned by the scratchiness and didn't have anyone telling me it was going to be okay. :) It will be okay though. My scarf felt like hay before I washed it, and I was amazed by how super-soft it turned out after washing. It's kind of magical. :)

6:02 PM  

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