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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

A Few More Squares

I have added four more squares to my Meditative Stash Buster blanket.  I don’t find it meditative yet although I can now work a square without the directions right in front of me.  I think if someone were more comfortable with crochet it might be more relaxing, but with my current skills, I have to pay close attention to what I’m doing.
At this point, I have 16 squares total.  I’m thinking I want to go 24 squares wide and then build rows from there.  I haven’t actually measured anything (yeah, real scientific around here), but when I had 12 squares done, it felt like it should be about double that.  So I’m going with my gut feelings here.  There will also be some sort of border at the end to tie it all together and that will make it a bit bigger.  Of course, I realize that I could always add more rows of squares going the other way and it’s not going to really change the look of the blanket if I need to make it bigger before the border.  Oh, and I’m going to weave in ends when I get to the end of the row.  I think that will keep them reasonably under control without obsessing about them.

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