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Friday, August 22, 2014

Crawling Along

My plans to have the first sleeve finished by now have fallen through.  This (the cream color) is all the knitting I’ve gotten done over the last two days.  Things have been crazy around here and there just hasn’t been any knitting.  As you can see, I haven’t woven in any ends on the sleeve, but I’ll probably wait until I’ve finished both of them to deal with the yarn ends.  I’ve also added markers every ten rounds because I’m so distracted right now that I keep forgetting to change the counter and then I have to count rounds.  If I want the second sleeve to match the first, I have to keep track.

There was a question in the comments after my last post, asking about my bind off on the body.  I just did a standard bind off below the ribbing although I did bind off purl wise (I think it looks better than binding off knit wise and I really don’t like binding off in pattern).  I’m always really careful to work my bind off loosely, but I know some people who find they bind off too tightly will go up a couple of needle sizes for the bind off.  You wouldn’t have to change both needles, just the one in your right hand (assuming you knit Western style, from left to right).  Learning how loose to make the bind off takes a little bit of practice, but I’ve learned how it should feel for my own knitting.  Unfortunately, this isn’t something that can be photographed.

The new brick is going up now and we’re loving how it looks.  I’ll get some pictures this weekend.  If the delivery people will cooperate (the load of sand was three days late), things should be finishing up in a couple of weeks.  I know this was something that needed doing, but the actual doing of it has not been fun.  I’ll be glad when everything is all done and there’s not a port-a-loo in my yard!

Have a great weekend!

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