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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Time to Start Thinking

I’ve completed my second skein of the white on my two color Ombre Ravello.  I have a total of four skeins of white that match perfectly.  I also have a partial skein of white that’s a tiny bit off from the others.  If I have to use that partial skein (and I think I will), I’ll use it for ribbings where the slight color change won’t be noticeable because of the texture change in the stitches.

I decided that when I got to the end of the second skein of white on the body, I would put stitch holders on my cables and start the sleeves.  Once the sleeves are finished, I can finish the body.  Unless I’m not sure I have enough yarn to do long sleeves and then I’ll put the sleeves on holders too, go back and finish the body and then finish the sleeves.  I think.  I haven’t figured out everything yet.  Also, I’ve got to weigh some yarn to see where I am on the ombre mini skeins.  I’m planning on adding a few more stripes to the sleeves, which will cut down on the amount of white I’m using, but I’ll need to make sure I don’t run out of anything on the second sleeve.  Theoretically, I should be fine because I only use about 175 yards of the accent color and I have 400 or so.  However, since these are mini skeins, I only have about 80+ yards of each step of the ombre.

I’m going to get some caffeine now and see what I can figure out!

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