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Friday, July 31, 2015

Camp Loopy 2015, Project Three

Tomorrow is August 1, which means Logan gets his heart worm pill, but also (more importantly to the blog), I can start project three for this summer’s Camp Loopy!  This month’s challenge is I Spy Something Different and in addition to the yardage requirements, we’re supposed to use a color or color combination we don’t usually use.  I will be using the fabrics above because I hardly ever use yellow and I’ve never used this many florals in one project.  (There is one paisley in there, the rest are florals.)  The top fabric on the left is the backing and the top fabric on the right (the red) is the binding.

I will be making the Painter’s Palette Quilt, sort of.  The pattern is free, and I downloaded it and printed up the templates because I was planning on rotary cutting it, but I needed to double check that it was a 60 degree triangle.  It wasn’t.  It was just barely off 60 degrees - the top point is slightly less than 60 and the two bottom points are slightly more.  If I was going to make this quilt exactly, I’d have to use the paper templates and the cutting would be much slower.  I decided to use a 60 degree ruler instead, which will make the cutting much faster.  If I’m going to get a quilt made in a month, I’ve got to be on top of things and move quickly!

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