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Monday, July 27, 2015

Another Wiksten Tank

This may well be a week of Wikstens around here because I have two more that are almost finished!  This is another Liberty of London Tana Lawn print.  I love these fabrics.  Lawn is super soft and lightweight, but it’s still a surprisingly sturdy fabric.  It’s perfect for our climate here in North Texas and the prints that Liberty uses are easy to wear.
I haven’t checked yet, but I think this tank will work with my Alpengluehen cardigan, which would mean I can wear the tank past summer!  I’ll have to see, but those blue green flowers look like they’ll match the blue green yarn.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your Wiksten tanks, and tried to make one myself. I was able to get the body slightly altered to fit me better, but I'm having a devil of a time getting the bias binding to lay flat at the neckline... do you have any tips or tricks to share? (the neckline on mine ends up flaring out slightly)

5:19 PM  

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