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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Some Knitting and a Birthday!

I’m working on my third color in Carrie.  I’m really happy with how this is looking so far.  It’s a nice, easy knit that doesn’t require a lot of concentration.
In other news, today is Max’s 4th birthday!  He doesn’t spend anywhere near as much time here on the blog as Ramius did and I’ve realized that it’s because he’s almost impossible to photograph.  When Max is awake, he’s doing things.  Busy things.  Cat things.  In the last 15 seconds, he’s raced out from under the sofa to slap at Logan, looked at the level in his food bowl, tried to get into the dishwasher, inspected several things, thought about climbing behind the refrigerator (he won’t actually fit - for a reason), and is now attempting to get into Mickael’s coffee.  This is pretty much how he always is if he’s awake - zoom, zoom, zoom!  He never walks anywhere if he can gallop.  Photographing a moving object isn’t very easy.  He does stop moving when he goes to sleep, but Max doesn’t sleep the same way Ramius did either.  Ramius would sleep in sunshine, or on beds, places I could drape knits on top of him and snap a photo.  Max sleeps under the covers on our bed or under a sofa upstairs.  He will only sleep in his bed (or Logan’s bed - it’s barely big enough for his personality) if someone else is in the room.  I think this is partly due to his eyesight.  We don’t know for sure what’s going on, his eyes themselves are healthy, but if Max was a person, he’d wear glasses, and he might also have depth perception issues as well.  It’s not really a big deal in the day to day, but we’ve learned not to move the furniture around, particularly things he likes to jump off of.  He’s a very fun little cat, but completely different from his predecessor who practically owned the blog.  Maybe Max will slow down a bit as he gets older, but I don’t know.  My phone has taken hundreds of pictures of a pale gray blur.  Happy Birthday little blur!

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