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Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Smoke Ring

Several years ago I made a couple of Mohair Bias Loops.  One was gifted, but the other I kept and have worn and worn and worn.  Fast forward to a week ago when I was sorting through my stash a bit and I ran across a single skein of Shibui Knits Silk Cloud in Tar.  I had ordered it last spring as an alternate skein for Loopy Academy and had decided to go with my first choice when it came time to cast on.  Since this one little skein had no destiny, it just sat in my stash until I figured out what to do with it.  As soon as I saw it the other day, I knew it should be another Mohair Bias Loop.  I resisted casting on for it until late Tuesday when I decided to go ahead and start it.

The Tea Leaves Cardigan is mindless knitting right now, but it’s a little bulky for taking out of the house.  The Glace Bay shawl is almost mindless knitting, but it involves counting which means I can’t work it around other people who might talk to me.  (I can’t talk and count very well, I’ve tried, and it always ends in disaster.)  The Meditative Crochet Blanket is bulky and involves counting, so it certainly isn’t a portable project.  A new loop is both mindless knitting and is portable, so it fills a gap in my Works In Progress.

I’ll knit until I have just enough yarn to Kitchener stitch* the thing together, and then I’ll have a new, dark charcoal loop!

*Kitchener stitching with this type of yarn isn’t too bad as long as the cat is asleep and you can work uninterrupted for a bit.  I don’t recommend it for your first Kitchener stitching though.

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