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Monday, January 25, 2016

Look What I Found!

I didn't actually lose it, I just haven't worked on it in ages.  I completed my eighth row of squares over the weekend, and I've already gotten the ends woven in!

For those of you who don't remember, this is my Meditative blanket, worked in medium to light toned, cool colored, fingering weight, superwash wools.  Each row is 24 squares long (slightly longer than Logan) and I honestly haven't decided if that will be the length or the width of the blanket.  I'll decide that later.  I do plan on adding borders, but I haven't decided what colors to use.  Since most of these yarns are Loopy Ewe Solids, I can always order more when I get there.

It had been so long since I worked on this project, that I had to look up the directions!  Once I had worked my first block, it came back to me pretty quickly.  Max immediately remembered what it was and started climbing underneath it.  I guess it's more than big enough for him.

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