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Monday, February 01, 2016

The Carson Throw

Our family loves blankets.  Every single one of us loves snuggling under a blanket, including Logan and Max (although Logan doesn't stay too long before he gets hot).  When Eat.Sleep.Knit announced that the Carson Throw would be one of their knitalongs for 2016, it didn't take me long to decide to participate!  I'm doing mine in shades of blue greens, using Cascade Eco+.  I've wound my first two colors and they're ready to go.  I had to hand wind them because they're too big for my winder - you can see the size compared to Logan.  I've got everything in a (giant) tote, and at some point today I'll cast on!

I know this blanket won't be finished anytime soon, but it will be finished by the time it gets cold this coming fall.  This time next year, I could be wrapped up in it!

Oh, and just to make today even more exciting, the assignments for Loopy Academy will be announced today too!



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