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Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Knitting is Finished for Pink Dexter

I finished the last sleeve on my Pink Dexter, and I've gotten all the ends woven in.  Now it desperately needs a blocking and then I can sew on the buttons and it will be finished!  I've even finished it in time to still wear it this year!  In another month, sweaters will have to wait to be worn.

The Dandelion yarn is superwash, so I'll probably just toss the sweater into the washer (in a delicates bag) and then let it spend a few minutes in the dryer before laying it out to finish drying.  I've found (the hard way) that the dryer is very important with superwash wools to get things back to their original size.  My Pashmina Dexter just needed a good steaming, but it didn't look anywhere near as wonky as this one looks after knitting.  I think we're going to need lots of water this time!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the superwash dryer hint. I have a superwash sweater in progress, but mine won't make its debut until next fall/winter here in Louisiana.

11:34 AM  

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