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Thursday, June 23, 2016


Twisted socks 
I've finished my Twisted socks, and I would like to note that I knit one left sock and one right sock.  This project could have very well ended with two left socks, but I kept things straight and knit one of each.  I love the finished socks and I think they're very pretty with the twisted ribbing.  I knit them in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight in H.R.H. Crown Princess of Purple, Violetta.  The pattern is Twisted, from Knitty several years ago.

This was my third attempt at this pattern.  The first one was a lighter weight sock yarn and they were going to be a little bit tight.  The second attempt was with a yarn that was too variegated for the pattern (sometimes slipped stitches work with variegation, not this time).  This time, everything came together and I'm really happy with my finished socks!



Blogger Barbara-Kay said...

Impressive - well done!

7:17 AM  

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