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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Loopy Academy, Knitting

With the beginning of September, Loopy Academy has begun again as well!  I'm working on the first semester of my Junior year for the knitting version of Loopy Academy.  The projects for this semester are gloves, a toy using two or more colors, and a project with nupps (or bobbles or popcorn stitches).  I've gotten my yarn for all three projects, but the only one I've started is the gloves.
Three Oaks
I'm making the Three Oaks gloves in Malabrigo Sock in Ravelry Red.  Can I just take a minute and tell you how much I love this red?  It's the perfect red, and I want an entire hoodie out of it!

OK, back to the gloves.  I'm not doing the cute little button tab thing on the cuff because I think it's going to get smooshed and clumped up in a sleeve.  Instead, I just worked the cuff in ribbing.  I'm just about to start the hand chart in this picture and this thing is flying off the needles!  There's just enough pattern with the cables, but not so much that it's slow to knit.  I wanted to start the gloves first because I think they're the most involved of the three projects I chose, and I didn't want to be trying to finish them at the end of the semester.  As I finish up Lorelai (Mici) the Mermaid and my Toujours pullover, I'll start the Loopy Academy toy project and the Loopy Academy nupp project.

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