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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Gray. Stockinette. Rectangle.

I've been working on my Easy Folded Poncho and I'm past the neck opening.  The original pattern calls for seaming, but when I was glancing through the projects, I noticed that someone had figured out how to make it without seaming.  Just reason #258 why you should always check the Ravelry projects before casting on - someone else may have done the thinking already!

This is currently my only completely brainless project (my current sock is pretty easy, but nothing beats stockinette), so as you can imagine, it got some needle time last week in the chaos that is Thanksgiving.  Now that I'm past the neck, I'm working both the front and back on each row, but it's still super easy and will be faster in the long run than seaming the front and back together.  If I was working a yarn that might stretch out with wearing (100% alpaca or cotton), I might rethink the seaming because the seam would give the garment some structure and keep the growing in check.  For this project (one yarn is 100% wool and the other is 50% wool/50% alpaca), I'm not worried about it. 


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