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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Eyre - All Laced Up

I've finished the lace section of Eyre!  I had blocked it a couple of weeks ago and thought I had figured out where I was, but since I ignored it for a bit, it bounced back a little more from it's blocking, meaning I wasn't quite as far along as I thought.  It still held the blocking well, but it shrank back from where it was originally.  This is really common with Merino because it has a tight crimp and that crimp will always come back.  This yarn is Merino, cashmere and nylon, so it bounced back.

So, I had to knit a little bit more before beginning the underarm shaping.  Now I've worked the underarm shaping for the back and finished the lace.  I'm probably going to re-block the back section so I can block the top part as well before I really get going on the stockinette.  The top back (yoke?) section is stockinette, as is the rest of the sweater, so it should go faster from here.  It's already too warm for this sweater here, but it will be ready for Fall when it shows up in late October!



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