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Monday, May 08, 2017

We're Beginning to Meander!

Meandering shawl 
I worked some more on my Meandering shawl over the weekend and the center spine is starting to "meander" back and forth now!  I think I'm getting a bit faster with my Brioche stitches, but I have to pay attention.  When I start getting tired and my mind wanders, that's when I make stupid mistakes and I don't really understand brioche knitting well enough to correct things without just tinking back to where the mistake happens.  This is not a project for the end of a long day!  On the other hand, I'm starting to understand what I'm looking for when I make each stitch, which is helping me catch mistakes sooner.  I'm hoping to have a pretty good handle on brioche by the time I finish this project because my next brioche project will be bigger and more involved.
Meandering shawl
Also, here is sparkle vision, so you can see the sparkly bits in the Kidsilk Night!

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