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Friday, July 14, 2017


Rose gold shawl 
I finished my Rose Gold brioche shawl this week!  I kept putting off blogging because I knew I was so close to finishing and I didn't want to show it to you again before it was quite done.  It's all done and blocked now though so here it is!
Rose gold shawl
I made no changes to the pattern except that I had a little more yarn in each gradient set than the designer did, so I knit until I ran out of yarn.  It's knit in Miss Babs Gradient Sets in Yummy 2-Ply Toes in the Canis Major and Beachcomber colorways.  (Canis Major seems to be sold out at the moment.)  I started with the lightest tone in each gradient and worked to the darkest.
Rose gold shawl
This was such a fun project to knit that I'm actually sad it's finished.  Something about using two gradients at a time and working brioche (which I find inexplicably fun to knit) all at the same time combined to make a really fun project.
Rose gold shawl
Here's a shot of the "wrong" side of the shawl (the side that's primarily the Beachcomber set).  Since brioche knitting is basically reversible, there isn't really a right or wrong side to this, which is nice because the ends of this shawl fall in a spiral or corkscrew shape, so both sides show.
Rose gold shawl
One last shot on Fifi!  This is definitely a big, snuggly shawl.  It will be wonderful to wrap up in this winter.  Right now, it's a little much.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very pretty!

And yes ... maybe a bit too warm now, but you sure will appreciate it come February when those cold winds and snow aren't fun anymore.

6:55 PM  

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