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Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Fire Breathing Unicorn 
I've added another couple of repeats to the Fire Breathing Unicorn scarf.  I am definitely past the halfway point now but I'm not quite ready to pull out the scale.  The pattern (very helpfully) gives an approximate weight required for the final chart, so I'll just need to periodically check my remaining yarn after another couple more repeats or so.  I'm also far enough along that you can see the crescent shaping that's happening because of the short rows.

I feel like I'm on the home stretch on this project as well as my socks, but all I want to do is knit my Relax pullover.  I'm trying to stay focused on working a little on everything, but the call of the Dragonfly is hard to resist.



Anonymous Syd T. said...

Your Unicorn is beyond gorgeous! What yarn are you using?

10:37 AM  

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