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Thursday, July 19, 2018

25% More Unicorn, 25% More Fire Breathing Awesomeness

Fire Breathing Unicorn 
I've done another couple of repeats on my Fire Breathing Unicorn scarf.  I'm somewhere in the general vicinity of halfway done with this.  I think.  I didn't weigh my yarn before I started so it's not like the estimate is based on science or anything.  I just feel like I'm about halfway done.  This isn't really the blog you come to if you're looking for scientific accuracy anyway.  At least I hope not.

There was a question about the type of short rows I'm using and there's really nothing special going on.  These are just plain, old wrap and turn short rows, but since they're being worked in garter stitch, you don't have to pick up the wraps.  The wraps just disappear into the garter stitch, so while you are taking the time to work the wrap and turn, you don't have to slow down and pick up wraps and knit them with their stitch or anything else fancy.  This project really is 95% just about counting!



Blogger Barbara-Kay said...

For your peace of mind, you could weigh what you have knit and then weigh the ball of yarn. If they are equal, for example, you could knit that much again. It's lovely!

8:23 AM  

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