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Wednesday, August 01, 2018


I've been working along on my Relax pullover.  Still loving the Dragonfly colorway.  I'm getting close to the armholes, but looking at this photo it looks like I've got a lot more to go.  I think it's because this sweater is so wide and boxy, it makes it look shorter than it is.  I am adding in a bit more length than the pattern calls for, but probably only two centimeters.  This pattern is written in the metric system which means I get to use the other side of my tape measure!  It's not a big deal, but as an American, I really have no ability to "eyeball" metric measurements.  I could make notes on the pattern (and I probably should as I think I'll be making this pattern again) so I'd have the Imperial measurements, but I just haven't.  It's just such a relaxing knit, I don't mind dragging out the tape measure a little more often.



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