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Monday, February 28, 2005

Houston, we have fronts!

Two fronts for the Boring Black Cardie (BBC?) are done and blocking. You can see the stitch marker for the button and you can even barely see the buttonhole. I think I'm going to have enough yarn, without raiding my Mom's stash. Thankfully, she has more of the same dyelot and has agreed to hold off on doing anything with it until I finish the BBC. The neckline looks funny on these because there is no shaping, since the stitches will be picked up again for the hood after I've sewn the shoulders together on the fronts and back. I've cast on for the back and that should go fairly quickly since I'll only be working with one ball of yarn (versus the two for the two fronts and two sleeves). Then I'll block the back, finish the sleeves, and knit the hood while the sleeves are blocking. I would love to get to wear this at least once before Spring comes so I'll need to get moving. Its snowing here right now and we have 2583 birds sitting in the backyard, eating. Poor Ramius can't sleep with all of that going on, so he is crouched down in front of the sliding glass door, making tiny squeaky sounds at them. I don't know if the birds like this or not but I've had other cats who make little squeaky sounds at birds too so apparently cats everywhere believe that this is a good thing. Anyone with birds out there know if they like this? Does it make them want to come closer and play with the squeaky kitty? Or are cats just delusional with their squeaking?


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