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Monday, April 25, 2005

Little Boy Blue

This weekend I redid the neck for a sweater I made for Caleb this winter. The first time I did it, the neck was way too big and I had picked up fewer stitches than the pattern called for! So, I unraveled the neck (there's something really fun about unraveling, don't you think?) and redid it, but I decreased in the cable areas (something the pattern didn't say to do, but I recently learned somewhere - I don't know where) and now the neck doesn't look like its made to go over the head of a baby hippopotamus. The sweater pattern is Jack's Aran Pullover from Men in Knits and I made it from Lamb's Pride Bulky, the Blue Flannel color. Of course, its too warm for him to wear now (and will be until we get clobbered with a blizzard next winter) but at least now its ready. He picked out the pattern and the yarn color and would love to wear it more, but some maternal instinct of mine tries to keep him from overheating and wearing clothes that might cause him to pass out from heat exhaustion (yes, Lamb's Pride Bulky is that warm). I'll have to knit him an aran in a lighter weight yarn so he can wear it more.

I also took apart a sweater of mine that I won't wear because the sleeves are goofy. They are too small at the cuff for how big they get at the tops and they don't fit into the armsceyes of the body of the sweater at all. So, its either redo the sleeves or never wear the sweater. It would be nice if pattern writers would write their patterns so that the sleeves fit into the body of the sweater. I've checked for corrections for this sweater, but there are none. Now I get to rewrite the sleeve pattern. Oh well, its good practice, and I've done set in sleeves on my own before.

One last thing I did this weekend, which you may have noticed, I learned how to get paragraphs! No more long runon thoughts on the blog. Yippee! I feel so liberated now, and this should make it easier to read. Obviously I'm not exactly fluent in HTML, but I'm learning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That sweater is fabulous! I can't wait to see pictures of him in it!
Caleb's Aunt

11:06 AM  
Blogger Teri S. said...

Cute sweater! I'm terrified to knit sweaters for my nieces and nephews because it takes so long for me to finish a project and they'll probably be too big by then.

8:40 PM  

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