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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Guardian of the Guardians of Lipstick

Caleb, like any kid who's had his picture taken an average of every 5 minutes since he was born, seems to sense when a camera is out and pose accordingly. The little ham is standing with the finished Guardians of Lipstick singles and the Easter Egg dyed Kid Mohair/Angora singles that I'm currently spinning. They will be plyed together later. I'm thinking about making a mobius neck ring out of them. I know it will be a really soft yarn but obviously I have to spin up the Mohair/Angora half of it first. I've spun Mohair before and I've spun a Merino/Angora blend but I've never spun Kid Mohair and Angora together and this is definitely the slipperiest thing I've ever spun before. I've had to set my Scotch Tension at the lowest I could get it and still have it wind the singles on the bobbin and I'm spinning it very slowly so that there is enough twist that it won't come apart in the plying. Also, the Angora will "bloom" as I knit with it and I think that might make the yarn more fragile too. (The finer the yarn, the more twist it needs to hold together and if some fibers are coming out, the yarn is getting finer as it blooms - I think.)

I've been spinning this in the evening after Caleb goes to bed and I've discovered that Ramius does a really good job of policing Caleb. The other night I was spinning and watching TV while Caleb was "in bed" and all of a sudden the cat went to the bottom of the stairs and started yelling (he's a Tonkinese, he doesn't mew, he hollers). I wondered what was going on but didn't think anything at first since the cat regularly has "fits" that involve running and jumping all over the house while yelling at the top of his lungs for 30-45 minutes. Then I realized that Ramius was just sitting there, not running and jumping around. On a hunch, I looked over and told the cat to stop yelling at Caleb and would you believe it? Sure enough, I heard little feet go running back up the stairs and trot into his room, closing the door. The little monster was sitting on the landing watching TV but he was sitting where I couldn't see him. Thankfully, Ramius was on top of things.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it! I love the Guardians of Lipstick and I love the Guardian himself! Who knew that a cat could be a watchdog? :) SIL

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

GO Ramius!! Caleb's Grandmother

12:36 AM  

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