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Friday, November 11, 2005

Big Things Happening Here

Some big things have been happening around here. First, I finally finished spinning the Falkland Top. You can see it all above. All 29 ounces of it, or 1774 yards of two ply. I've got to wash it all out and set the twist, but the spinning part of it is done. I can't believe that I spun this much of one thing. This is enough for a sweater plus something else. Of course now I have some really brightly colored wool on the wheel and there are only 5 ounces of it so that should go pretty fast. I'll probably spin some smaller bunches of fiber for a bit just to recover from spinning all this.

OK, the other Big Thing happening here is that yesterday I found out that my Sister in Law's Sister is pregnant! I'm going to be an aunt! (Yes, technically I'm not really in a position to be this baby's aunt, but tough, they're getting me whether they like it or not.) Want to know the fun part? Twins and triplets run in that family. Woo Hoo! Congratulations Eric and Dalese!

Finally, Christine sent me some more ideas for Gift Giving Friday. Thanks Christine! So, in keeping with the big honking pile of yarn you see above, today's gift idea is handspun yarn. This could be a gift for a knitter or crocheter obviously, but you could also spin some very fine yarn and give it to an embroiderer. It wouldn't even take much yarn to amuse someone who does hand needlework, can you just imagine a very finely spun silk? How wonderful would that be? You'd have to be very careful keeping your spinning fine and even and consistant, but it could be used for virtually any of the needle arts.


Anonymous Kate F./Massachusetts said...

Melanie! I giggle at the 29 ounces because my first spinning project was a 4 pound fleece...and I spun the W H O L E thing! I was so sick of that wool that I have never knit a thing with it! :-) A friend has offered to dye it in the hopes that I would use it - she can't stand it relegated to the back of the closet! :-) Kate/Massachusetts

7:53 PM  

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