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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Everyday Sleeve

There has been some knitting here at the Pink Lemon Twist. I finished the sleeves to the Everyday Cardigan (with a Twist). As you can see from the one above, they will definitely need a good blocking. The neat thing about Peace Fleece is that when it gets washed it softens up and the mohair blooms which makes the whole thing look softer and the stitches even look less crisp. I saw this on my Sacrifice to Gauge, I mean gauge swatch, and I understand that this softening and blurring continue with wear. I can't wait to see what it does for myself. The temperature is supposed to drop sharply here later today and I wish I was farther along on this sweater since it sounds like we're going to have perfect sweater weather. Even if I had finished the fronts and back (which I haven't even cast on for yet) I haven't decided on buttons yet so I guess I better get going. In spinning news, I'm still spinning on the second half of the Kitchen Sink Batt, but I hope to finish that today.


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