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Monday, November 21, 2005

How I Saved a Bunch of Money, or The World's Ugliest Tensioned Lazy Kate

What are these? These are the parts to the world's ugliest tensioned lazy kate. I have been talking to a lady named Fulvia about my spinning wheel. She's fixing to buy a Rose and wanted to see how I liked mine. I mentioned that I had figured out a way to make the bobbin carrying box a tensioned lazy kate, but of course, this is a hard thing to describe in words, so here's a picture. What you see above is the bobbin carrying box that came with my wheel (see the matching rose on it?) It had been drilled with holes to fit the metal dowels you see above the box. It also had the handle, which is a stretchy piece of cotton rope. Also, I use two highly technical clamping devices, AKA clothespins. What you see below is how it looks when I'm using it.

I'm ready to start plying the Rendezvous at Dusk, so I've put the bobbins into the bobbin box, but in order to keep the bobbins from backspinning while I'm plying, I've clamped the handle gently across the tops of the bobbins (I clamp it harder when the singles is thicker). This doesn't look like much and it isn't at all fancy, but the tensioned lazy kate for the Majacraft is around $80 if I remember right. A setup similar to this could probably be made easily with some dowels, a sturdy shoebox, clothespins and a stretchy string or piece of yarn. Then you can spend your money on the fun stuff like rovings or fleece!


Anonymous Fulvia said...

I am reading right along about how you made the tensioned lazy kate and, goodness, I end reading about myself! The picture does, indeed, illustrate perfectly what you told me you did --thanks for the visual, Melanie.

9:45 PM  
Blogger Pugknits said...

ooooh, smart gal!

11:51 AM  

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