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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just because he can

Yesterday, when I finished writing the blog, look who I found in the sunshine. It was like he had read my blog post and wanted to prove that he could take over the sunshine spot*. So, here's your Finn fix! Both the sunshine and the rug seem to be very popular in the new house. Tomorrow I'll have knitting content again, I promise.
* Don't feel too bad for Ramius, he found more sunshine somewhere else so he wasn't dying of hypothermia or anything like that - it's OK.



Blogger Connie Peterson said...

I am glad that Finn got some sunshine. Actually, Peanut is a sunbather, too. She loves to soak up the sun and in the winter, it's in the kitchen for part of the day. We have a small blanket/rug for her to sleep on and she will actually stay ON the blanket while we slide it around to the sun as it moves. She will actually sit on the rug and TELL us that she needs that sunshine! She's getting a lovely tan this winter.

I am so glad that you settling in well and that you have found some knitting time (waiting for Caleb!).

11:35 AM  

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