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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Something You Haven't Seen In A While


I promised something new to look at today, but it's not really new. These are the fronts to Juno and I about doubled their size over the weekend. This is a K2, P2 rib done on big needles with big yarn (16 sts over 4 inches). Theoretically, I should have been able to crank this sweater out very quickly, but with the move and my inability to deal with much of anything other than the move, I kept messing up the ribbing. I started this way back before we got the transfer in mid October and honestly, I'm ready for it to be finished. I've finished the back of it and once I finish the fronts, I'll have sleeves and the collar to do. According to Ravelry notes, most people flew through the body of the cardi, but progress came to a screeching halt when they began the cabled collar. I'm hoping it works out the opposite way for me (otherwise I'll NEVER get the collar done). Fingers crossed.

I barely got any work done on the last Second Sock of 2008, but I'm still plodding along on it. I refuse to allow myself to start anything new until I finish that last sock.



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