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Thursday, March 05, 2009



Inspiring title for a blog post, no? I've actually reached the armhole shaping on the Juno fronts, so yes, I'm at the armpit of the sweater. On the next row, I'll actually begin the front neck shaping (Juno has a deep V neck), so then I'll be decreasing stitches on both edges of each side and I should be able to finish the fronts up reasonably quickly.

The main problem is that I don't have good lighting in the family room at night (must get a better lamp situation) so I only work on Juno during the day (the bad lighting combined with my general skittishness on this sweater due to monumentally stupid mistakes made while knitting with "moving brain" mean I just don't attempt working on this after dark at all). This has pretty much meant that I only get to work on it on the weekends because I'm usually pretty busy during the day.

I'd love to get these fronts done this weekend and move on to the sleeves. Actually, I'd love to get the whole cardi finished and move on to something else. I like the pattern, and I like the yarn, and it's not difficult to work on, but I want something lighter weight*, in a lighter color, and different to work on.

*I realize that knitting with lighter weight yarn means more stitches, which means longer knitting time, but at this point, I'm having a really hard time seeing why I need a heavy, black cardi. I'll be happy to have it in December, but right now, I'm just not feeling it.

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