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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Almost a Finished Sock

I've got about 14 rounds before I start the toe decreases on this sock, and since you've already seen the way this sock looks when it's all finished, I won't bore you with another blog post on it. (This is the second The Void sock from my Aether: Elements Sock Collection V pattern.) Last time I showed this sock on the blog there was a comment asking about the density of the stitch pattern and questioning how much it stretches. The sock shown in the pattern is blocked, but this one is not, and while the top part of the sock is very textural, you can see that it doesn't draw in more than the stockinette area just below the needles (there are the same number of stitches on the needles in this photo as were used in the leg of the sock). The textured stitch pattern is just as stretchy as the stockinette area - it's just more textured. I guess the best way to describe it is that it's a seed stitch variation, and while seed stitch is highly textured, it's not really any denser than stockinette (like, say, linen stitch). And while seed stitch is usually a little more stretchy than stockinette, because this isn't true seed stitch, but a variation, it's only about as stretchy as stockinette. Does this answer your questions?



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