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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Babette

Still cranking out squares around here! This is the second to the smallest size in the blanket, but there are a lot of these left to make. I need a total of 60 for the layout I'm using (not the original pattern layout, I'm using a bigger one someone on Ravelry came up with). With these 5 new ones that I made yesterday and the ones I had made before, I need 36 more of this size. Fortunately, they only take about 30 minutes each so they're pretty quick. The one at the bottom (you know, the one that makes your retinas burn when you look at it) might or might not be used in the finished Babette - it's a little bright. I'll wait until I start laying everything out before I decide for sure, but if it tries to take over the blanket, I'll replace it, or redo the outer row with a less intense color.

I was looking at the pile of yarn I have left to finish up the blanket and I'm afraid I may have a decent amount of yarn left when I finish. One of the purposes of making The Babette was to use up some fingering weight leftovers. Now I did perhaps "supplement" the pile of leftovers with a few full skeins, and I will use some of the remaining bigger skeins for border(s) of some kind (I think the pattern calls for something, which I may or may not use when I get there), but I'm still worried. I may have another Babette in my future.

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