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Monday, August 09, 2010


I'm moving right along on the Featherweight Cardi! I got to the lower edge over the weekend, so it was time to figure out edgings. I had been thinking about some kind of cabled rib and I found this one in Knitting On the Edge (p. 31, in the hardback, at the bottom of the page). I had to adjust my stitch count a little bit for this to work out, so since I was looking for an edging that wouldn't pull in at the lower edge once it's blocked, I increased stitches to get the correct stitch count. I also didn't change to a smaller needle size. Even though I have cables in the rib, it will block out straight at the lower edge.

I will probably decrease to the stitch count I'll need on the sleeves because I don't mind if that edging is tighter. (If you look at the right sleeve, you can see my new 9 inch circular needle on that sleeve.) When I do the collar, I'll increase stitches to get my stitch count and block the fronts out straight, but let the area around the back of the neck pull in so it shapes itself right.



Blogger Bea said...

Melanie, I really like the way the cables look as the sweater edging. I also have a question about the 9" cable needles. Are the bamboo sections shorter than normal? I keep visualizing getting wrist lock or hand spasms trying to use 9" needles. You can reply to beaz30 at cox.net.

9:59 PM  

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