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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tea Leaves and the Never Ending Sleeve

I'm still plodding along at a snails pace on the first sleeve of Tea Leaves. Last night I got about 2 inches done on it. It's no fault of the sweater that this sleeve is taking so long, it's just that knitting isn't happening very quickly around here for a certain floppy eared reason.

Logan really appreciates all the comments on his first blog post. We have gotten past his crate anxiety and he's doing great with that again and our next big job will be to work on riding in the car. I'm going to treat the drooling like an anxiety issue and see if we can train him to relax in the car. If that doesn't work, then we'll talk to the vet about motion sickness options. The reason I'm not sure if it's true motion sickness is that while excessive drooling in a car is a symptom of motion sickness, he was having excessive drooling in his crate (which was not in motion). The crate issue (and possibly the car issue) was due to stress from his Big Day of Travel. By re-training him on the crate and a little bit of time and practice, he is no longer drooling in the crate. It's a big change to come home to a dry dog versus having to clean him up every time we came home. So we'll work on the car the same way. First there will be treats in the car by the door. Then there will be treats when he climbs in the car. Then I'll get in the front seat and there will be treats. We'll progress to just starting the car, starting the car and backing out of the garage, going around the block and eventually (hopefully) we can go a little bit farther each time. We're going to work very slowly and take our time, but we'll be starting this today. Hopefully since he's really smart and he trusts us, we'll be able to figure out pretty quickly if his car issues are just stress or true motion sickness. We've always gone on road trips with our pets (Ramius was the BEST car cat ever!), and while our families are much closer now, we want to make sure Logan is comfortable in the car for everyone's safety.

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