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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Logan's Whippoorwill

I started my Logan-Matching-Whippoorwill yesterday and after an initial re-start after not having the right number of stitches at one point, I'm well on my way now. You can kind of see the different "colors" in the Ivory yarn in this picture. I'm doing the medium size for this, which should give me something a little bigger than a shawlette, but not quite a full sized shawl. (There are actual dimensions on the pattern for the approximate size the medium finishes at, but I don't have the pattern sitting here while I type, so I'm trying to describe the size. You probably already figured that out, didn't you?)

This project might be tomorrow's blog post as well, because it's all I'm working on right now, but I'll do some other things over the weekend so it won't be the only project all next week. I've got to go find a longer cable now because I'm almost out of cable at this point.

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