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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Ruffly Worm

I'm moving right along on my December Knit Something of the Month project.  I've got eight more rows plus a bind off and I'm done!  This is a great little knit and clearly works up quickly.  I'm waiting until I'm through with this before I drag out the potential stash for next years Knit Something of the Month projects.  Then I'll sort through things (with Max and Logan helping, I'm sure) and see what I'm doing next year.  I'm still debating eleven projects or twelve, but I'll figure it out before 2012 starts.

There was a question yesterday about ducks and yes, I'm afraid of ducks.  I was attacked by ducks when I was small and have considered them bloodthirsty and untrustworthy ever since.  Just to reinforce my duck issues, I was chased by one when I was running earlier this year (and no, I did not provoke it).  Caleb thinks it's amusing to walk around the house quacking.

As for today's blog title, my pattern for this month is Ruffle My Feathers (I linked it on a previous post) and the yarn is Bugga in Bomber Worm.  See?  Ruffly Worm.

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