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Thursday, January 26, 2012


I've gotten to the point where I work fingers!  I'm now very hopeful that I'll get these finished by the end of the month.  (Fingers are quick, and the thumbs shouldn't take too long, but there are lots of strings to weave in at the end!)  Also, I'm still on my first ball of yarn (The Loopy Ewe Solid Series in Cornflower) and I might be able to finish these with one ball.  I'm working the small size and I'm working at a slightly smaller gauge than the pattern calls for because the small size was a little bigger than I needed, so that might be why I've got so much yarn left.
I don't think I've shown you the palm of these yet, because most of the twisted, traveling stitch action is on the back of the hand.  The palms are pretty too and the design comes up over the heel of the hand, onto your palm a little.  It's really a pretty design and the thumb gusset is increased within the stitch pattern itself, almost like it grew there.  (Please disregard the scratches in the floor, big dogs and hardwood aren't the best combination, particularly when the big dog in question believes he is a direct descendant of Seabiscuit.)

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