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Friday, February 03, 2012


I decided to blog today since Mommy is busy getting the Maximus kitty off the kitchen counters.  He keeps jumping up there and she keeps scooping him up and dumping him on the floor.  I don't know why he goes up there, maybe there's bacon up there that I've missed in my own many counter surfing expeditions.  (Never once found bacon, got a ham sandwich once, but no bacon randomly laying on the counter.)  Anyway, since Mommy can't come to the blog, the least I can do is help out.

She's been doing the yarn things around here when that kitty behaves himself.  She did something the other day with lots of different yarns and water and it took all day and it was just crazy but then she hung up the yarn and it made drippy rain drops in the laundry room.  I just asked and she said she was washing the yarn she showed last Friday to make sure the colors wouldn't run.  Also she says she got in the new red color, Tart, and will wash it this weekend.  I didn't know colors could run.  I've never seen them when I go for walkies, only people and sometimes dogs running - oh, and bunnies, they run.

Max can run, actually he runs really fast, usually after he taunts me rudely.  Also he runs at me and jumps off me to change direction.  If I wasn't so busy chasing him, I might get offended that he uses me for a bumper.  My friend Barclay came over and stayed with us for a few days (Mommy said it was a doggy sleepover) and he had never met Max.  Barclay is an older dog and I have to be careful not to sneak up on him because Mommy says he's deaf and he has something called the arthritis which makes him move very slowly.  I tried to be a nice friend to Barclay, but Max was not very nice.  He jumped off the kitchen table onto Barclay's head!  Barclay made squeaky noises when that happened.  I tried to protect Barclay from the crazy kitty, but he scares me too.  Mommy calls Max a Little Wrecking Ball.  Know what she calls me?  Her Sweet Marshmallow of Love.

Have a great weekend, I'm going to go get some cuddle hugs!

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Anonymous Barbara Seiver said...

You are indeed a sweet marshmallow, with beautiful big-boy markings now. Patience - Max will be a better friend as he gets out of his kitten year.

10:00 AM  
Blogger Joan said...

Hi Logan, thanks for helping Mommy out with the blog today. It is always a treat to read you! Hmmmm... Glad the good pet/bad pet dynamic is working to your advantage. Enjoy those hugs!

3:32 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Logan, have you been teaching my rather elderly yellow lab, Isaac, to counter-surf? Because tonight he managed to grab 1-1/2 of the two hotdog buns off the counter before he was spotted. And in his 11-1/2 years, he has *never* surfed that far back on the counter. Are some illicit lessons going on that we hoomans don't know about?

7:42 PM  

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