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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Austin Hoodie and Max

This morning when I went to take the picture of the Austin Hoodie's sleeve, Max and Logan decided to have a game of chase.  Max ended up very close to me, fully puffed, so I grabbed the camera to get some pictures (because puffy is funny).  As soon as he saw the camera, he started de-puffing, but you can see that the end of his tail hasn't gotten the message yet.  He's very funny about pictures.  Logan will ham it up for the camera and gets very excited about it.  Max will quit doing whatever we're trying to get a picture of and walk off or attack the camera.  It makes getting good pictures of him difficult.  We had another flash of kitty maturity yesterday (the first being when he figured out that if you stop attacking the blind cords in the window and sit still, you can watch birds).  He and Logan were playing (there's a lot of that around here) and he was bouncing off of stuff randomly, taunting Logan.  All of a sudden he jumped into a basket of laundry - clean laundry, warm and fluffy from the dryer.  He froze and I could see his brain working as he figured out that he was in an entire basket of warm.  He forgot about Logan and laid down in the basket and just kind of melted into it.  The basket of warm laundry was so powerful, he let me change the sheets BY MYSELF!  I'm hoping that he's learning that if you aren't spastic 24/7, you can find interesting things like birds and warm laundry to hang out with.
Oh, and I also got some more done on the second sleeve of the Austin Hoodie.

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Blogger Carie said...

Yay for the powers of warm laundry. Actually, cuddling up in a basket of hot fluffy sounds wonderful to me so I'm not surprised Max loved it!

5:23 PM  
Blogger Bob & Phyllis said...

I've seen that with cats and cameras too. No matter how stealthy you are, the very NANOSECOND they feel that camera lens on them, they roll over and start ostentatiouly licking their butts. With one leg pointing straight up for good measure....

8:50 AM  
Blogger Barbara-Kay said...

Know our cats love warm laundry...now I'm thinking "laundry bait" for bed changing. Thanks!

10:24 AM  

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