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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Red Leaf

Ask, and you shall receive.  If you're my son, and your request is reasonable.  (Did I ever mention that he wants chickens so he can have fried chicken anytime?  Not happening.)  I made him a red leaf though, as he wanted.  I figure in another week or so Max will have stolen all the leaves and dragged them off to his stash (under the bed).  He's still occasionally stealing things, but he's not as bad as he was when he first became part of the family.  I don't know how many more leaves I'll do (they're fun, I'm just not sure how many we really need before it gets weird around here), but they're using up some extra cotton yarn that was just sitting in my stash.  I could also make some as gifts for people on my gift list (be warned!).

I also thought I'd mention that if you're looking at getting a Dropbox account, if you join through my link, we each get an extra 500MB of free storage.  Just click the words above, sign up and download - it's really easy!  I can't coherently explain what the cloud is, but I got Dropbox set up on my computer, iPhone and iPad really easily.  The only reason I mention it is because the next KnitCompanion update will work with Dropbox, and I've mentioned how great KnitCompanion is here!  (NAYY, with either Dropbox or KnitCompanion, they both just make my life easier.)



Blogger Sharon Jones said...

Love the leaves. I also love Dropbox. Unfortunately I'm already a member, so can't get either of us the added storage. I will sing the praises of Dropbox, though, in case other readers of your blog are reticent about downloading. I have it loaded on my MAC, PC, iphone, ipad, and work computer. No matter where I am, or what pattern I find, I can download and save to my Dropbox and then have access from any device I own. How cool is that!

6:13 PM  

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